Dr. Yvonne Boutges

Meet Dr. Yvonne Boutges, DVM

Dr. Yvonne Boutges, DVM

Relief Veterinarian

Dr. Boutges is a Relief Veterinarian at Westhampton Beach Animal Hospital, delivering her expertise and compassionate care in instances when other doctors are unable to be present at the office. With a remarkable 21 years of veterinary experience, she is a valuable asset to the veterinary team, ensuring continuity of care for the beloved pets that visit the hospital. Her extensive expertise encompasses both general practice and emergency medicine, enabling her to handle a wide range of medical situations with proficiency.

Dr. Boutges graduated from the prestigious Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine in 2002, receiving her Veterinary Medicine degree. Throughout her career, she has continually expanded her knowledge and skills through additional certifications and training, including specialized training in ultrasound for the emergency room setting and dentistry. This additional training equips her to provide comprehensive care for her patients in various situations.

Dr. Boutges' passion for veterinary medicine arises from her lifelong love for animals and her fascination with the intersection of medicine and their well-being. Her dedication to providing the highest level of care is evident in her compassionate approach to her patients and their owners, fostering trust and reassurance.

Beyond her veterinary work, Dr. Boutges cherishes quality time spent with her family. She embraces the joy of creating lifelong memories through travel experiences and finds relaxation in beach outings and boating adventures. In her own home, she shares a loving companionship with her dog and two cats, underscoring her profound connection with animals.

In situations where unforeseen circumstances arise and doctors are unable to be present at the office, you can rest assured that Dr. Boutges will step in to ensure your beloved pets receive the exceptional care they deserve at Westhampton Beach Animal Hospital. Her presence brings reassurance and competence, guaranteeing that your pets' well-being remains the top priority.

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