Digital Radiology

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Digital Veterinary X-Rays

in Riverhead and the Peconic Bay Area

At Peconic Bay Animal Hospital, we hold the safety and well-being of your pet as our top priority. When it comes to X-rays, you can trust that we utilize cutting-edge digital radiography technology, which is known for its safety and accuracy.

Common Reasons For Pet Digital X-Rays

  • Suspected trauma
  • Evaluation of broken bones
  • Assessment for cancer
  • Detection of abdominal obstructions or foreign objects
  • Checking for pneumonia, arthritis, lung disease, muscle problems
  • Evaluating skeletal issues or tumors

Frequently Asked Questions

What sets digital pet x-rays apart from conventional film x-rays?

We utilize advanced digital pet X-rays to provide superior image quality for more precise and accurate diagnoses by our veterinary specialists. With digital radiography, results are available instantly, allowing for faster diagnosis and treatment planning. Not only does digital radiography offer exceptional image quality, but it also exposes pets to less radiation compared to traditional film X-rays, making it a safer option for your beloved furry friend.

Can digital x-rays harm my pet?

Digital X-rays are considered a safe diagnostic tool, with minimal radiation exposure. The benefits of accurate diagnosis and effective treatment outweigh the potential risks associated with radiation exposure. Additionally, digital radiography allows for lower radiation doses compared to traditional film X-rays, making it a safer option for your pet.

Will my pet experience pain during a digital x-ray?

Digital X-rays are painless and non-invasive, and our experienced veterinary team ensures your pet's comfort during the procedure.

For more information on digital x-ray services for your pet, feel free to contact us.

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