Dr. Stanley Hopek

Meet Dr. Stanley Hopek

Dr. Stanley Hopek

Associate Veterinarian

Dr. Stanley Hopek is an experienced Veterinarian at Westhampton Beach Animal Hospital, bringing over 40 years of invaluable expertise to his role as a general practitioner.

He graduated from Cornell University in 1973, embarking on a long and successful career in veterinary medicine. Dr. Hopek's motivation to become a Veterinarian stemmed from a pivotal moment when a family pet required medical attention at an animal hospital. Witnessing the dedicated care and successful recovery of their beloved dog ignited his passion for veterinary medicine.

Outside of his veterinary work, Dr. Hopek finds joy in spending time with his family and engaging in sports activities. These moments of relaxation and companionship complement his dedication to providing exceptional care for animals.

With a wealth of experience and a genuine love for animals, Dr. Hopek is an asset to the Westhampton Beach Animal Hospital team. His commitment to the well-being of animals and his passion for veterinary medicine make him a trusted and respected Veterinarian.

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